So the goal is to teach a kid how the numbers work and what we can do with them. The numbers become colorful and relatable characters, called Nooms. They help your kid to learn educational mobile application development math basics, intuitive numbers understanding, and mental calculations. The education plan includes ABCs, spelling, patterns, shapes, colors, addition, and subtraction.

Datacamp offers Free, Standard, Premium, Professional and Enterprise plans starting at $925/month billed annually. You are not alone in thinking that tracking down all of the funding options available to you seems like a daunting task, to say the least. But, once they know where to start, most students realize that there are plenty of resources out there to get them started on the right track. Hit the road with the one of the best apps for college students with the travel bug and discover the coolest “off the beaten path” places along the way.


You could use it on field trips (e.g. a museum) where students can scan areas of the museum that you have set up ahead of time to reveal the learning intentions that you want them to achieve. HP Reveal is an app that allows the user to create augmented reality triggers in textbooks, class posters or even school bulletin boards. The interactive images you create can be shared on social media, links or can be embedded into a web page. Again, you can make your own resources or use ones that are already made by other users.

Specific subject learning app

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How to make an educational app: implementation steps

An e-education app has various advantages that make it highly popular around the globe. Here’s a list of the top advantages of an e-education app you must know before you proceed with an e-education app development or opt for an e-learning app development company. An E-education app for quizzes refers to an app that offers various quizzes on various topics to assess various skills, learning, and progress of the end-users. This type of e-education app is important to assess and improve the students’ learning and progress.

  • The app includes 36 progressive lessons, which include games, videos, and other activities to teach early reading skills.
  • When it comes to the old adage that you get what you pay for, edX is the exception to the rule.
  • For example, you can launch a language app or an application that will help people learn how to play guitar.
  • Educational applications also promote literacy in areas where there is poor infrastructure for education.
  • Although many features of Quizlet are free, users can purchase a monthly subscription which removes ads and allows offline studying, among other things.

The first step to take in building an education app is to choose its type. You can easily mix features and add more modules to create a unique solution. But setting up the main direction will play a significant role in defining your target audience, development budget, and marketing strategy.

Education Apps for Learning Coding and Advanced Analytics teaching Apps

They also offer a number of resources for computer science and math courses. Creating a free account allows students to track their progress they’ve made watching videos, attempting exercises, and more. They do offer resources for middle and elementary students as well for math and reading skills. Noggin Preschool is an app created by the Nick Jr. network, featuring clips and characters from its TV shows. Some of the episodes have been modified to be interactive, while others have educational games and activities to accompany them. This app has strong appeal with young students who like the characters from the shows.

At App State lab schools, empowered teachers foster supportive … – Appalachian State University

At App State lab schools, empowered teachers foster supportive ….

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It’s a hands-on way that gets learners out into the real world, while also giving them the tools to understand what they are looking at. To register, just enter your name, email, create a password, and prepare yourself for a unique learning experience. There are numerous apps on the market for learning English, both on iOS and Android, which promise to achieve results intuitively and within timeframes that were previously unimaginable. Nearly all of the lessons are for intermediate learners, but they’re starting to branch out to beginners.

Learning objectives should be measurable.

But even in traditional classroom settings apps have a place as many teachers have started using tablets in their classrooms. One of the top advantages of developing an e-education app is the growing demand for it. As the trend and demand for online learning are about to rise further, it is a good idea to start an e-education app development now.

Specific subject learning app

This education app feature is crucial to attract the maximum users and offer them a great user experience. It is plain to see how much ease and fascination the students have for gadgets and games. Ample research shows that students learn more through fun and game experiments. Therefore, nothing better than including healthy gamification in your digital classroom with digital badges. Badges help motivate students to take up study challenges and reach the next level. Gamification helps a student’s cognitive development and increases engagement with the app.

The 23 Best Apps for Learning English [Updated for 2023]

The use of educational applications benefits both teachers and parents. Teachers and parents have more time to discuss lesson plans using app-based learning, which leads to more participatory sessions. Parents and teachers can make a huge difference when it comes to choosing apps for kids. Tests are indispensable to learning, and your educational mobile app must execute the same. Thus, your education app must offer a section where mock tests and quizzes are added based on various topics and subjects. This will help students test their knowledge based on capabilities and know which subjects, chapters, or topics need more focus.

Specific subject learning app

I tried to be comprehensive and explored all the major eLearning video platforms available right now. Do let us know what you think about the list in the comments, down below. Also, project based learning is a great option when you’re learning a particular skill set. Everything works fine when you’re learning the theory, but when you actually perform the task, that is when you learn the most.

Enjoy the top education apps for students and teachers

Developing an e-education app is a great business idea as it offers one of the most sought-after scopes – high scalability. You can easily target the majority of the audience around the globe while adopting the mass production of online content. As there are no constraints related to the end users’ geographical locations, time zones, and others, it becomes much easier to expand your business and your audience base for higher profit. A course-based e-education app is focused on various courses in various domains, areas or topics.


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